...I am completely amazed at the amount of size I put on after one treatment. I followed the instructions and by week two I had put 2 inches on my arms and I had no rear deltoids, now they're nice and round. I am very pleased to say that your claims are actually an understatement.I have ordered another bottle for maintenance. This treatment has been a success for me and it has made a very big difference in my life. I thank you and hope you continue to succeed in your mission to help people in achieving their goals. Also, my girlfriend has been using it in her glutes and chest and is seeing great results. Thank you!"

​- Clayton Young

It's going great..I Love it, it looks so natural.. You can even see striations,,,, I'm dieting 2 weeks away from my show and it keeps my biceps, triceps and rear delts full.. but it does not take away from my striations... "

​-Walter Santoni

This product is LEGIT! I have been living with joint pain and muscle atrophy due to years of heavy lifting and an auto accident that left my knees, elbows, and shoulders in various stages of pain. After using Painless Pumps for two weeks, I started feeling more relief in my joints and less pain when I wake up in the morning. My warm up sessions are shorter andless strenuous now. The more I used this product, the less pain I have encountered. This product puts the fluids back in my joints that medication and your typical "joint support" supplements could not do. In addition, my arms and shoulders have noticeably improved in symmetry and size, and more importantly, looks natural without the lumps and redness that SEO's can cause. This stuff does "NOT" hurt going in and the blood flow and pumps to my biceps, triceps and delts are freakish. Steve and Emily are great representatives in an industry that is filled with fly by night companies and less than reputable characters. They get the items out quick, are timely in their responses, and always stand by their product. I will never deal with any other company when it comes to SEO's and I am very happy with the results and service this company has provided!" ​


...I would like to take the opportunity to thank you properly. I tried something similar once before and it was so painful I couldn't even workout for a week. I was really insecure about my calves and breasts and your product has virtually eliminated that feeling, and for this I thank you."​

- Krystal Jennings

This stuff works great. I followed the protocol of using it "deep" into the peaks loading for 3 days, then every 3rd day after. All I can say is WOW. I loaded up for 3 days... grew an inch. I barley have to maintain it. The product is working BETTER than you advertise. I use it in my forearms, triceps, and biceps. It looks very natural. I wish this product was out a long time ago. Thanks so much for creating this product, it has done so much for my confidence. Unfortunately I never took pics, but I will turn my friends onto this for sure."​- Sean Duerigen​​​​​“Painless Pumps has given me great results with such little effort. I could have never of dreamed that my body would look this way so quickly. Normally, it would take AT LEAST a year to achieve these results in the gym” ​

-L M.

I love the stuff. My joints feel much better and I love how it works for a lagging muscle. Nice and pain free like your site says. Thanks again and I will see you guys in the future. Thank you " 


I have always been insecure about my arms. No matter how much time I put in the gym or what I took, nothing on the market worked. Then, I heard about Painless Pumps and the first thing I thought, this is too good to be true! With how cheap the price was I had nothing to loose. The first day my arms gained an inch, I was amazed! Then, after the third day I was where I wanted to be with no harm done. My wife was amazed on the third day and I was where Iwanted to be. I could not have done this without Painless Pumps!" 

-Derek Connatser